Members Overview The national aeronautical meteorological service providers from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and France are members of the MET Alliance group. It originates from the existing cooperation within the ICAO ABIS framework, the formal representation of seven European States: Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Portugal and Switzerland within ICAO.
Austro Control
The Austrian MET Service Provision for Civil Air Navigation is one of the core processes of the national Air Navigation Service Provider Austro Control. The MET Service Units are located at six international airports (Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Graz and Klagenfurt) where the Vienna office is Meteorological Watch Office. Furthermore Austro Control is partly responsible for the service provision for the Austrian Air Force. The Vienna office is also one of the three European OPMET Databanks providing the world with OPMET information.
skeyes is the trade name of Belgocontrol, autonomous public company, in charge of the safety of air navigation in the civil airspace for which the Belgian State is responsible. skeyes is active at Brussels Airport and at the airports of Antwerp, Charleroi, Kortrijk, Liège and Ostend, and manages the flight movements above Belgium and a part of Luxembourg up to an altitude of 7,500 metres. The company has its own in-house meteorological service, which is present at Brussels Airport and on each of the regional airports except Kortrijk. The Brussels Met Office produces weather forecasts and warnings, and also acts as Meteorological Watch Office, ensuring the meteorological watch for the Flight Information Region of Belgium and Luxembourg. Furthermore, the Brussels office also operates one of the three European aeronautical meteorological databases serving aeronautical users.
The German Meteorological Service Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) is a federal authority under the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. As a statutory task laid down in the Law on Aviation and the Law on Deutscher Wetterdienst the Department Aviation Meteorology of DWD is responsible for the meteorological support of the Civil Aviation in Germany. To fulfil this task DWD operates seven regional advisory centres for IFR and VFR traffic. Five of them act as meteorological watch offices for aviation weather watch and warning. Additional the Department Aviation Meteorology provides special meteorological services for summer and winter field operations at the German HUB airports and for ATCs.
Met Éireann
Servicing aviation needs under ICAO regulations for Ireland is one of the most important tasks of Met Éireann. It comprises the Central Aviation Office at Shannon Airport together with the meteorological offices at Dublin, Cork, Knock and Casement airports. It issues forecasts (TAFs and Local Area Forecasts) for the various airports and smaller airfields in the country as well as local warnings, SIGMETs for the Shannon Flight Information Region (FIR), en-route documentation and briefings. Meteorological Services for the Defence Forces and meteorological training are provided at Casement Aerodrome.
MeteoSwiss is the national weather service in Switzerland. As such, it fulfils its meteorological tasks for the use of the public, businesses, and public institutions. The MET service units are located at the international airports Zurich and Geneva. MeteoSwiss issues forecasts for these international airports and all the regional airports. Furthermore it provides en-route documentations, briefings and is also responsible for warnings at the aerodromes as well as for the FIR Switzerland.
The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is an agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. KNMI is certified and designated as Air Navigation Service Provider for meteorology (MET ANSP) in the Dutch Airspace (Amsterdam FIR) including the Dutch Continental Shelf (North Sea). The meteorological service provision consists of meteorological observations, forecasts, warnings, consultation and advise for the international and regional airports and aviation stakeholders. The service is provided by the central forecasting unit of KNMI, that performs the task of Meteorological Watch Office (MWO), and is located in De Bilt. A meteorological advisor Mainport Schiphol is weather dependent deployed in the operational room of Air Traffic Control The Netherlands (LVNL) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Météo France
Météo-France is a public administration placed under the authority of the Ministry of Transport. Its Aviation Forecast Division in Toulouse is in charge of the production of the national Significant Weather Charts (SIGWx) and hosts the Toulouse Volcanic Ash Advisory Center. Five Meteorological Watch Offices are responsible for the SIGMET Watch over the five French Flight Information Region. The Météo-France facilities in Toulouse also operate one of the three Regional OPMET Centre for the ICAO EUR, with a particular gateway role regarding the AFI OPMET data. Aerodrome observation and forecast products are delivered for more than 70 airports over the European French territory, with specific tailored services for the major platforms, e.g Paris-Charles De Gaulle. Météo-France also operates overseas in the French "Départements" and Territories. Within the Aviation Forecast Division, a dedicated R&D unit provides forecasters with state-of-the-art nowcasting and forecasting tools for hazards relevant for aviation. In the observation domain, Météo-France was a pioneer in implementing fully automated observation at airports complying with ICAO standards, and now develops the techniques for merging observations from various sources.
ANA Luxembourg
Service MeteoLux is part of the Administration de la navigation aérienne (ANA), the national air navigation service provider, under the authority of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, Department of Transport. It is located at Luxembourg International Airport and provides TAFs and METARs for the airport as well as destination and en route weather information and briefings for departing aircraft. Beside the METAR's, the Observation department issues synoptic messages for the WMO, whereas the Forecast department delivers to the general public, business and agriculture daily outlooks on the weather situation as well as oral briefings and warnings. MeteoLux is also responsible for climatology in Luxembourg.

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